I am an artist and printmaker living in Wales.

The subjects that form the basis of my work come from reading and music as well as places that I know. Each however is a personal response and may be representational or abstract.

My printmaking is experimental with unpredictable results. I am always happier once the work takes on a life of it’s own. Making the plate is as exciting to me as the finished work. I etch on aluminium,  zinc and copper, sometimes using machine tools or engraving  to vary the surface of the plate. In addition relief printing, collagraph, collage, drypoint and screen printing also form part of my practice and provide a way of adding successive layers.

Once a plate is made, how it is inked and the kinds of support are important. I use many different papers and textiles varying in weight and transparency. Hand colouring, metallic foil or stitching may also be applied. Over printing adds further possibilities. Consequently I make small sets of related unique prints rather than extended editions. The Experiments link shows some of my experimental plates. These were made to try different approaches to etching,  ways of combining multiple plates, viscosity inking and embossing.

I am a member of the Aberystwyth printmakers.

My work is sold mainly through exhibitions.